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The Labor Market 150 Index

New quarterly index ranks the labor markets of the 150 largest U.S. metropolitan areas Provo-Orem, Utah, a metro 40 miles south of Salt Lake City with about 600,000 residents, has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country. Led by a booming tech sector, its employment has grown 16 percent since 2010, and a […]

25 Best Jobs in America for 2015

  Whether you want a new job, or just want to make sure you already have a great job,Glassdoor has released its inaugural report highlighting the 25 Best Jobs in America for 2015. This new report identifies the 25 best jobs based on each job’s overall Glassdoor Job Score*. The Glassdoor Job Score is determined […]

4 Resume ‘Tricks’ That Are Sure to Backfire Spectacularly

Avoid these at all costs Unfortunately, if you don’t use care in choosing trusted sources for job search advice, you may run into resume advice that teaches you how to “trick” the applicant tracking system (ATS) or hiring managers. I’m not here to say that there are no effective “resume tricks,” but there are a […]


CVs have been tailored and read; diaries have been coordinated and interviews aced; you’ve fallen into professional love. The hard part is over. So why, after all this, do people consistently screw up the job offer? Here are all the things that go wrong, and how to stop them: Money, money, money: It makes the […]

Careers in the growing field of information technology services

By Lauren Csorny Computers and information technology (IT) touch nearly every aspect of modern life. Information technology can help with such diverse tasks as driving motor vehicles and diagnosing diseases. IT enables seamless integration and communication between businesses anywhere in the world. To keep IT systems running, a large workforce is needed to maintain networks, […]

Accepting Counter Offers is a No-No

As a former recruiting leader, I have encountered numerous times when one of my team members or I would extend a job offer to a candidate only to have their current employer counter it with an offer of their own. Some candidates accepted the counter offer while others said, “Thanks, but no thanks.” I was […]