Providing a Total Staffing Solution

It’s the local personal approach we take with every one of our clients and candidates.  It starts with taking the time to understand what our clients and candidates need.  Finding the deeper match that goes beyond just a skill sheet or a list of requirements.  There is a reason over 85% of the placements we do are direct hires.  We aren’t just finding an employee a “place to work.” We are finding right position for the right person at the right time.

How do we do it?

Search Leaders has been working in the Twin Cities market since 2000.  That kind of time and focus on a local market gives us a deeper understanding of the people and attitude that makes our community so special.

Our first stop on any search is to talk with our vast network of local candidates.  Sometimes the best way to find a great candidate is to ask other great candidates!

With the word out to our network, we then go to our well connected social media and advertising partners to get the position details out fast.

While this gets us a long way, some searches require extra attention.  Search Leaders knows how to identify and reach out to targets that otherwise wouldn’t respond to a direct contact.  We learn what motivates candidates and present them with an opportunity that would fit their needs

Why do we do it?

Search Leaders is about people.  Job descriptions, postings, and social media all play a role in the process of hiring a critical resource, but those things aren’t what makes for a great hiring experience. Search Leaders takes the time to understand what makes your company tick, what makes your people special, and who you want to help make your vision a reality.  It is through this core principle we strive for excellence in everything we do.

Our Areas of Expertise

Snapshot of what we are currently working

Systems Management Roles
Network Management Roles
Development Roles
Project/Product Management Roles
IT Management Roles
Quality Assurance Roles
Data Management Roles
Business Analyst Roles
Business Intelligence Roles
Cloud/DevOps Roles
IT Sales Roles
IT Security Roles
Other IT Roles

Our Process

The Search Leaders team focuses on helping businesses enhance their professional staff with a unique approach driven by our ability to:

  • Attract the most qualified talent the “passive job seeker” at the peak of their careers to meet the search needs of today’s clients.
  • Incorporate a client’s specific corporate culture to find highly competent individuals who will successfully support their business approach and philosophy.
  • Uphold ethical practices that promote competitive fairness and respect for individual corporate philosophies.

Our recruiters partner with you through the entire process, understanding your objectives, becoming familiar with your business environment to deliver staffing solutions that help assure long-term success.

Our team has access to thousands of qualified candidates. We identify prospects for your positions both from our own extensive database of pre-screened candidates, and through our strong networking and sourcing capabilities that uncover “passive” job seekers that are often overlooked by other search approaches.

We employ recruiters with in-depth expertise, strong market presence, and dedication. With years of experience, they understand the nuances of client needs and the intricacies of a correct match.


Search Leaders works with small to large businesses all over Minnesota and the Midwest. Here is what a few of them are saying…

“Working with Search Leaders has been a great experience for our business.  They were able to help us locate stronger technical candidates than we were able to find on our own, while understanding our need for a “cultural” fit as well as technical skill set.  I will not hesitate to contact them in the future to help locate our next great talent!”

E-Learning CompanyDirector of Human Resources

“The folks from Search Leaders are excellent at asking the exact questions needed to have both a macro and micro view of what needs to get accomplished, then executing it cleanly. It was a pleasure working with him.”

Fitness CompanyProject Manager/UX Specialist

“We trust Search Leaders to find highly qualified candidates.  Their team understands our needs and makes the hiring process easy.”

Performance Marketing CompanyExecutive Vice President of Technology

“MakeMusic has used Search Leaders for the past 4 years to help us source web developer candidates.  My experience has been very positive.  We are presented with quality candidates and the staff is very professional with their interactions between myself as the client and the applicant. They do a great job of representing both parties.”

Music Software CompanyVice President of Human Resources

“Search Leaders found me via LinkedIn as a candidate for my current job. His great relationship with my current employer made the interview / hiring process happen quickly and smoothly. He also provided great insight into the strategy I should take in the interview and conducted thorough pre and post interview discussions. I would recommend Search Leaders to both those seeking employment AND those seeking qualified job candidates.”

Non-Profit CompanyWeb Developer

“I get a lot of cold calls from recruiters, but I connected with Tony’s genuine approach and felt I could work with Tony. I had been having a difficult time getting any resume’s for our positions and Search Leaders really came through. So thank you.”

Financial Software CompanySenior DevOps Manager