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Search Leaders is a leader in the recruiting and staffing industry. With 17 years of experience servicing small to large businesses all over Minnesota and the Midwest, Search Leaders taps a passive resource pool that you are unable to reach. With a quick response rate, we identify, contact and deliver the right resources… at the right time.

Direct Hire Staffing

Search Leaders has a unique commitment to direct hire search.  While some companies have a focus on both billing hourly for resources and finding the people to take their contractors place, Search Leaders will always put your direct hire search first.  We want to make sure we find the perfect person to fit with your company’s passion, long term goals, and culture.

Contract to Hire Staffing

Search Leaders can also provide contract to hire resources.  Sometimes you just need to see how things are going to work before you commit to a long term hire.  Search Leaders understands a contract to hire is different than a typical contract resource.  You want someone that can end up on your team for the long haul.  This is where Search Leaders really makes the difference.  We give you the resources that will make it easy to make the conversion.

Contract Staffing

Search Leaders understands, sometimes you need a resource to get the job done right now.  That’s when a contract search, with a local resource you can talk to today, can get you moving faster.  With a database of 100,000+ local candidates, we can find what you need in a timely manner.

Awards & Honors

Search Leaders is consistently recognized for it’s information technology staffing around the Minneapolis/St Paul and surrounding metro areas.

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