Thank You Sponsor: Search Leaders

Thank You Search Leaders for reinvesting!

When and why did Search Leaders start?

  • This is an interesting story but will keep it short. Search Leaders in general has been around for 20 years placing information technology professionals in the Twin Cities metro area.
  • However, in 2014 Search Leaders was acquired by one of its current employees on staff and was officially rebranded Search Leaders, LLC. Since then new ownership has been operating Search Leaders, LLC and continues to offer up a quality IT staffing solution for the Twin Cities metro area.

What exactly do you do and for who?

  • Search Leaders, LLC specializes in direct-hire IT placement with some contract and contract for hire work. 90% of our staffing in a given year is centered around direct placement. We work with small to large clients but the majority of our clients fall into that small to mid-size category.
  • We work with a wide variety of industries ranging from healthcare to finance but the biggest chunk falls in the software-based company that has a high need for technical professionals.

What is unique about Search Leaders?

  • Search Leaders, LLC offers more of a “white-glove” boutique experience to both our clients and candidates. It’s not just about quantity but rather a healthy mix of quality and quantity. Finding the right candidate in a timely manner is what we do. We do this by listen and becoming an extension of our clients’ brands. Building that long-term relationship is what matters most to us.
  • Search Leaders and Search Leader, LLC alike was founded with three principles in mind: SPEED, delivering a quality solution to our clients in a timely manner. REACH, we leverage our long-standing connections (20 years) and expertise to surface qualified passive candidates. RESULTS, we continuously vet our candidate pool making sure that resources fit our clients’ culture and align personally/professionally with corporate objectives. This is a very important piece of the equation resulting in longer placement longevity and increased productivity.

Who is the best person to contact at Search Leaders?

  • James Marmas (President) @ 612-314-6091 or at

Why do you sponsor TECHdotMN?

  • Search Leaders, LLC partners with TECHdotMN because they are local to the Minneapolis market and their focus is on the ever-expanding Minneapolis tech industry. Being a tech-based staffing company it’s a perfect marriage and partnership that provides a mutual benefit.

Is there anything else would you like to add?

  • Why not hear from some of the people we work with–
    • Client Testimonial #1: The folks from Search Leaders are incredibly talented and proficient in the world of IT staffing. I have worked with Search Leaders, LLC for almost a decade and I am never disappointed with the results we receive. As a human resource professional, I don’t have the time to dig deep for those hard to find candidates. Search Leaders is not a firm that just posts jobs and waits for candidates to come to them. They dig deep and tap the passive recruiting market. When dealing with recruiters I look for people I can work with that understand the market they work in. Search Leaders, LLC hits in both areas. Being a smaller organization, they are relationship driven and look to be a real extension of our brand. I would highly recommend Search Leaders, LLC if looking for a staffing solution.
    • Client Testimonial #2: Working with Search Leaders, LLC has certainly raised the bar for staffing agencies. The quality of candidates received is unsurpassed—they have been thoroughly screened for both hard and soft skills to determine technical and cultural fit. The team and account manager is super organized, and they follow up and through on details. Plus, they are super knowledgeable about the IT industry and what makes candidates tick. I always enjoy my conversations with them—the owner understands his business and has a great sense of humor. Highly recommend, you won’t be disappointed!
    • Client Testimonial #3: Over the last 9 years, I have had the luxury of being both a customer and a candidate of Search Leaders, LLC. They recruited me for an engineering management position back in 2010 and I quickly turned to them for sourcing the expansion of my teams moving forward. Aside from their speed and professionalism, they have an uncanny ability to find game changing candidates. They repeatedly took the time with me to research roles, understand the team dynamics, and gain clarity of company’s mission before submitting resumes for consideration. They recalibrated each time a candidate did not make the cut and typically landed a hire within a couple of iterations. I highly recommend Search Leaders, LLC to cut through the recruiting noise and deliver results.